Chic and distinctive designs


Kenan Karcı is a boutique furniture store offers services on 2500m2 area with 5-storey store where you can create your own style. In other words, while offering solutions specific to spaces, we are manufacturing our chic models that emphasise liveliness of designed spaces for personalised needs.

Basis of quality policy of Kenan Karcı Furniture is customer satisfaction. Kenan Karcı followed this approach for years and children of customers of his father has now become his own customers...

When you visit Kenan Karcı Furniture Showroom, if you can't decide what you want among tens of ready-made models, you can have personalised design. All you need to do is inform us about which model your like, and our expert team will do the rest of the work. Our team analysis your house and we design and manufacture products that will best suit the plan and soul of your home.

We feel spiritually satisfied when our friends who purchased furniture from us 20 years ago revisit our store with continuous confidence. Our extremely durable and unique products are used by our customers for years and all of these products are 100% hand-made and manufactured with exported materials. However, we are instantly intervening with rare deformation or problems. Even though these problems are user-caused, we are taking your furniture from your home and deliver your furniture after repairing it. Kenan Karcı Furniture communicates with customers after sales as well. This is not common in non-fabricated furniture.

Reputation of Kenan Karcı Furniture has gone beyond the capital city. People who live in İstanbul, İzmir and Antalya are also preferring Kenan Karcı products. Kenan Karcı furniture are exported to Germany, Holland, and Turkic Republics such as Azerbaijan. Additionally, products purchased by individuals who live in other cities from Kenan Karcı are delivered to different cities in Turkey with 100% guarantee. All responsibility during transportation belongs to the firm.

For Kenan Karcı, as long as it looks good and satisfies individuals, it is appropriate to mix new with old and antique with modern.  Like "Ottoman texture textile can create beautiful compositions with modern furniture"...
Main starting point of furniture selection is to personalise living spaces and turning your space to a welcoming area. Regardless of your lifestyle, numerous Kenan Karcı products that will enrich your special spaces are waiting for you.